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Hydro One is currently the primary electricity supplier throughout the City of Kawartha Lakes.

Customer Service contact Monday to Friday from 7:30am - 8:00pm  1-888-664-9376

Natural Gas

Enbridge Gas is one of the fastest growing natural gas companies in North America, serving 1.5 million residential, commercial and industrial customers, including the City of Kawartha Lakes.  Area Contact Number: 1-877-362-7434

Water, Sewer and Waste Disposal

Water Systems

The City of Kawartha Lakes owns a number of water systems throughout a large geographical area. The City either operates these systems, or contracts out the operation to the Ontario Clean Water Agency.

The larger systems in Lindsay, Bobcaygeon, and Fenelon Falls obtain the water from surface water and distribute it to a large number of private individual, commercial and industrial users. The rest of the systems are located in smaller communities and are based on ground water (wells) and serve private individual and small commercial users.

Improvements to most of these systems are currently being planned or carried out. A pipeline from the Lindsay water supply is planned to replace the two existing systems in Oakwood and to serve the rest of the community with communal water. In addition a pipeline from Lindsay will be replacing the existing system in Ops - Springdale Gardens. The City has adopted a common City-wide water rate for unmetered communities.

In Lindsay, Bobcaygeon and Fenelon Falls the bill for an average customer will be based on the water meter reading but will be approximately the same as in the unmetered communities. In the metered communities, as a customer uses more or less water than the average, this will be reflected in the water charge.

Sewage Systems

The City owns and operates the sewage treatment facility in Lindsay and contracts out the operations in Bobcaygeon, Fenelon Falls, Coboconk and Omemee (the entire Village) to the Ontario Clean Water Agency. The facilities in Lindsay and Fenelon Falls have both received significant upgrades in treatment and capacity.

For more information on Water and Wastewater Division for the City of Kawartha Lakes please contact 705-324-9411 ext.  1121

Waste Disposal Systems

The City of Kawartha Lakes is an environmentally friendly community committed to Reducing, Reusing and Recycling. A bag limit and expanded recycling program has been introduced by the City of Kawartha Lakes in order to increase participation in recycling and backyard composting, and to promote reduction and reuse practices, in order to reduce waste going to our Landfills.

If you have an internet-enabled smartphone or a tablet, you can now access City of Kawartha Lake’s waste, recycling and special collection details within seconds through a free downloadable app.

Called My-WasteTM, this app lets mobile device users download and access all of the information that is on the City’s website and in the annual Recycling and Waste Collection calendar. Residents can easily find details such as landfill hours of operation, curbside collection schedules, information for special collections and much more.

Residents can download the My-Waste app by going to www.my-waste.mobi/CityKawarthaLakes and selecting the link to the store or marketplace for their device. There are apps currently available for the iPhone/iPad and Android. Coming fall 2012, are versions for Blackberry Torch and the new generation of RIM phones.

The City of Kawartha Lakes is adding the My-Waste app to its existing communication outreach. The City will continue to distribute printed materials and have information on their website for residents who prefer to stay with traditional promotion and education materials.

QRCode for City of Kawartha Lakes Waste App

For more information on Solid Waste in the City of Kawartha Lakes please contact 705-324-9411 ext. 1135

Our current Solid Waste Disposal contract is with The Miller Group and can be reached at their head office at 1-905-475-6660

180 Kent St. W, Lindsay, Ontario  K9V 2Y6
Phone 705-324-9411
Toll Free 1-866-397-6673

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