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Incentives and Funding Programs

Kawartha Lakes Farmland Stewardship Fund

Farmland makes up nearly 50% of the Kawartha watershed, and is particularly important in sustaining our rural communities, with agriculture and healthy lakes being the two pillars of our vibrant local economy. Farms can have a significant impact and benefits on watershed health, and how you manage your farm can make a big difference. Soil management and lake management have the same goals - keep the nutrients and soil particles on the land and out of the water.

There are many benefits to using best management practices:

  • Healthy soils and long term productivity
  • Reduced nutrient and soil loss
  • Fewer sediments and contaminants entering waterways
  • Clean drinking water for more productive livestock and fewer veterinarian costs
  • Replenishment of groundwater acquirers
  • A biodiverse, resilient ecosystem that provides habitat for pollinators and song birds - being important for integrated pest management.

Access programs and services to help you take action:

 Kawartha Lakes Farmland Stewardship Fund

Apply for a grant to help with projects on your property within the City of Kawartha Lakes.  To find out more about the Kawartha Lakes Farmland Stewardship Fund or the application process, contact Becky Parker at 705-328-2271 extension 223 or email at bparker@kawarthaconservation.com

Grassland Stewardship Program now open to producers across Ontario

A new program for Ontario's farmers, the Grassland Stewardship Program encourages producer actions that support healthy farm habitats for bobolink and other grassland birds. "Unlike most other programs we offer, the Grassland Stewardship Program is delivered using a competitive bid process. This allows farmers to customize their application to fit their farm and financial needs, and gives us the assurance that we are funding projects with the most beneficial impact for grassland birds," said Gord Green, President of OSCIA.

Another new aspect of the GSP is Conservation Agreements between funded producers and Environment and Climate Change Canada, signed for up to three years. These agreements aim to provide habitat protection for sensitive grassland birds while providing producers a funding guarantee for multi-year projects. Applications for GSP are entirely digital and must be completed online. To apply, visit the OSCIA website at www.ontariosoilcrop.org/oscia-programs/sarpal/gsp

Green Hub Community Improvement Plan

Brownfield Tax Assistance Program

The City of Kawartha Lakes Brownfield Tax Assistance Program (BFTAP) provides tax assistance to private land owners of tenants for the rehabilitation and redevelopment of environmentally contaminated properties.

The goal of this program is to work with developers / landowners by providing financial tax assistance for the redevelopment of brownfield properties so that these sites can compete with greenfield properties. This program implements, in part, the City's Green Hub Community Improvement Plan, which promotes the healthy rehabilitation and redevelopment of eligible brownfield properties with the intent of encouraging investment in industry involved with green or clean technologies.

The financial incentive program allows successful applicants to collect rebates on the municipal and school portion of property taxes paid to rehabilitate brownfield properties. The City of Kawartha Lakes will rebate, for approved properties, up to 100% of property taxes paid for municipal purposes during the rehabilitation and development period of the brownfield redevelopment project. The Provincial rebates for the school portion of the property tax bill will be considered on a case-by-case basis and is subject to approval by the Ministry of Finance. Also the amount of assistance will be determined by the Ministry of Finance and will be administered on a timeline set by the Province.

The City of Kawartha Lakes Brownfields Financial Tax Assistance Program is designed to work in conjunction with the Brownfield Tax Incentive Program established by the Province of Ontario Application to the Brownfields Financial Tax Incentive Program will also serve as an application to the Provincial program.

For additional information and to determine project eligibility please contact the Economic Development Office at 705-324-9411 extension 1395

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Green Development Tax Increment-Equivalent Grant Program

The City of Kawartha Green Development Tax Increment-Equivalent Grant Program (TIEGP) provides tax assistance to private land owners of tenants in order to encourage private sector investment in properties and buildings.

The goal of this program is to work with developers, landowners or tenants by providing financial tax assistance for the development of properties. This program implements, in part, the City's Green Hub Community Improvement Plan, which promotes the development or rehabilitation of properties with the intent of encouraging investment in industry involved with green or clean technologies.

The financial incentive program allows successful applicants to collect rebates on the municipal portion of property taxes paid to development green industry or dramatically improve the energy efficiency of buildings. The City of Kawartha Lakes will rebate, for approved properties, a percentage of the incremental property taxes that are a result of the redevelopment or rehabilitation.

For additional information and to determine project eligibility please contact the Economic Development Office at 705-324-9411 or visit the Kawartha Lakes Green Hub website.

Eastern Ontario Development Fund

Program Responsibility: Ontario Ministry of Economic Development

Program Description

The Eastern Ontario Development Fund (EODF) is an $80 million fund providing project-based conditional grants to support both the private sector and to public sector organizations undertaking economic development initiatives in Eastern Ontario.

Businesses that invest $500,000 or more in qualified projects that create at least 10 jobs over five years are eligible for up to 15 per cent support. For agencies, associations and NGOs, the fund will invest up to 50 per cent for eligible economic development projects valued at $100,000 or more.

Eligibility Criteria:

Business Stream

Firm must be located in Eastern Ontario or will be locating in Eastern Ontario by the time the project starts and currently employ at least 10 people (FTEs).

Regional Sector Stream

EODF is targeted to support business expansion/retention and attract foreign investment in projects focused on sectors such as Manufacturing; Processing; Tourism; Business services; Cultural industries; Technology (e.g. information and communications, digital media) and Green technologies (environmental services.)

Type of Projects

  • New investment
  • Upgrades to existing operations to improve competitiveness, pursue new markets
  • Business expansions (existing operations) which move the operation in a new direction
  • Introduction of new products or services by an existing business
  • Retention projects that reposition a company for improved competitiveness and growth

Eligible Project Costs

Eligible costs generally relate to one-time expenditures to implement a specific project.

  • Building retrofits, acquisition of special purpose buildings
  • Project-related infrastructure
  • Project-related capital expenses directly attributable to the project, including new technology/upgrades, new high performance equipment and machinery etc.
  • One-time labour and materials
  • Intellectual capital
  • Skills training
  • Costs of permits, inspections and other fees directly related to the project.


Business Stream

  • EODF provides up to 15 per cent of the total eligible project expenses for new technologies, new equipment, or skills training for employees.
  • Successful applicants are expected to contribute at least 50 per cent of total project costs from their own business resources or through private financing. Of the remaining 50 per cent, 35 per cent can come from other public sector funding sources (examples: federal, provincial or municipal programs or other public institutions).
  • Only projects with total eligible project costs of $500,000 or more are eligible for funding consideration.
  • Maximum funding from EODF is up to $1.5 million per approved project.

Regional/Sectoral Stream

  • EODF will invest up to 50 per cent for economic development projects valued at $100,000 or more.

Miscellaneous/Other Information

The EODF program is a discretionary non-entitlement program. Even if an application meets all of the program's objectives and eligibility criteria, the Government of Ontario is under no obligation to approve funding.

Applicants will know if their proposals are successful within 45 days of receiving confirmation of a complete proposal.

Contact Information

To apply or get more information, visit: www.ontario.ca/easternfund or call 1-866-909-9951.
Email: eodf@ontario.ca

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Southern Ontario Development Program - Industry Canada

Program Responsibility: Industry Canada, FedDev Ontario 

Program Description

The Southern Ontario Development Program (SODP) was established to promote economic development, economic diversification, job creation and sustainable communities in Southern Ontario.

 Funding for this multi-year program will go towards projects that can stimulate local economies and enhance the growth and competitiveness of local business and communities..

Eligibility Criteria

Your organization or enterprise may qualify for SODP funds if it is located in Southern Ontario and meets one of the following criteria:

  • is a commercial enterprise (note that the focus of this program will be for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), defined as having up to 1,000 employees);
  • the focus of this program will be on existing businesses with a proven track record that are looking to expand, modernize, innovate, and/or improve their competitiveness. Business start-ups will not be supported.
  • is an SMEs group and/or association;
  •  is a non-profit organization whose primary mission is business support or economic development;
  • is an organization or institution dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of knowledge and know-how, including colleges, polytechnic institutes, universities and teaching institutions;
  • is an Aboriginal organization;
  • is a municipality.

Southern Ontario is defined as including the following 2006 Statistic Canada Census Divisions:

1 Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry; 2 Prescott and Russell; 6 Ottawa; 7 Leeds and Grenville; 9 Lanark; 10 Frontenac; 11 Lennox and Addington; 12 Hastings; 13 Prince Edward; 14 Northumberland; 15 Peterborough; 16 Kawartha Lakes; 18 Durham; 19 York; 20 Toronto; 21 Peel; 22 Dufferin; 23 Wellington; 24 Halton; 25 Hamilton; 26 Niagara; 28 Haldimand-Norfolk; 29 Brant; 30 Waterloo; 31 Perth; 32 Oxford; 34 Elgin; 36 Chatham-Kent; 37 Essex; 38 Lambton; 39 Middlesex; 40 Huron; 41 Bruce; 42 Grey; 43 Simcoe; 46 Haliburton; and 47 Renfrew

Ineligible Sectors

Sectors that are ineligible include:

  • retail/wholesale;
  • real estate;
  • government services;
  • accommodations and food services; and
  • services of a personal or social nature.

Eligible Project Categories

Eligible activities include:

  • expanding capacity;
  • improving technology or equipment;
  • improving the productivity and competitiveness of your business;
  • accessing new markets;
  • innovation of products or services;
  • commercialization of innovations; and
  • improving community owned tourism facilities (e.g., conference centres, exhibition halls).

Eligible Costs

Eligible costs include all expenses directly related to the project and deemed reasonable and necessary for its execution. Agency priorities, policy and guidelines are taken into account in the analysis of costs. Cost must have been incurred after the project has received the Agency's approval. Please note projects that do not have other sources of funds confirmed will not be considered for funding under SODP.

Capital Projects

For capital projects, up to 50% funding is available for eligible costs which include:

  • The construction or acquisition of a building.
  • Machinery and equipment needed for the project.
  • Working capital requirements related to an expansion project.
  • Site improvements such as land clearing and paving required for the project.
  • Leasehold improvements required for the project.
  • Leased equipment and expenditures under conditional sales contracts.
  • Infrastructure (such as water and sewer) required for a specific business development initiative.
  • Intangible assets such as patents, trademarks and licenses.
  • Start-up costs such as insurance and interest capitalized during construction.


Financial assistance awarded under this program is provided in the form of contributions, which must have a leveraging effect and a direct economic impact on the region and must comply with the provisions of the Treasury Board's Policy on Transfer Payments.

The contribution may be repayable, depending on the nature of the project and the requested financial assistance. Generally, contributions to commercial enterprises are repayable.

Project proponents must commit to measure and report on the results obtained through the implementation projects funded by FedDev Ontario.

FedDev Ontario Priority Areas

Competitiveness and Productivity

Projects under this priority aim to foster the competitiveness and productivity of Southern Ontario SMEss. Project proponents should demonstrate, for example, that the project:

  • is in line with the business' growth and innovation strategy; will improve the technological capabilities of the firm; will further the region's economic priorities; Examples of eligible projects include: the conducting of research and diagnoses on an enterprise's needs and requirements;
  • access to management consultants; the hiring of technology experts; technical testing of processes and equipment; implementation of advanced management systems;
  • purchasing equipment and improving the technological capabilities of businesses;
  • operational costs related to implementation.

Innovation and Commercialization

Projects under this priority aim to increase innovation and commercialization in Southern Ontario. Project proponents should demonstrate, for example, that the project will:

help SMEs create new products, processes or services (or improve existing ones) and support their efforts to commercialize these innovations;  support SMEs at developing or implementing export strategies for international markets; increase SMEs' capacity to innovate, adopt leading-edge technologies or processes and develop markets.

Examples of eligible projects include:

  • planning the development of new products, processes or services;
  • marketing plans and market testing;
  • pre-commercialization activities;
  • acquisition of leading-edge technologies for R&D, design and commercialization activities;
  • feasibility studies or preliminary market research for testing and experimentation projects;
  • the conducting of diagnoses, market studies and strategic plans relating to sales, marketing and customer relations;

To apply or get more information, visit: Southern Ontario Development Program


Grants, Subsidies And Contributions

Special Events Economic Development Partnership Fund

The City of Kawartha Lakes proudly supports special events within its geographical boundaries. To assist groups in their organization and promotion of special events, the Economic Development Office manages a "Special Events Economic Development Partnership Fund", in accordance with Council's policy.

Based on Council approval, the City of Kawartha Lakes invites submissions to the Special Events Economic Development Partnership Fund. Eligible are special events, both large and small, planned for the calendar year which specifically target event attendance from outside the boundaries of Kawartha Lakes and which provide significant economic impact to the host communities, stimulating overnight stays and incremental spending across all business sectors.

Two intakes for support requests are conducted; the first intake deadline is October 31 and the second intake will be April 30. Funds will be awarded based on both the project merit and Council's approved budget. Completed applications must be received at the City of Kawartha Lakes Economic Development Office at 180 Kent Street West, Lindsay by no later than 4:00 pm.

The Special Events Economic Development Partnership Fund Program will enable Kawartha Lakes to focus its resources on events that increase non-resident spending activity and stimulate wealth generation for the local business community. This Economic Development and Tourism partnership in special events is based on building sustainability and growth through the attraction of a broad tourist base and encouraging cross promotion to other events, attractions and services. Ultimately, the goal is to present Kawartha Lakes as the travel destination of choice, through the lure and appeal of unique events showcasing the best in entertainment, culture, heritage and authentic rural fun.

For more information on this funding partnership opportunity, call Laurie Bell at 705-324-9411 ext. 1233

Special Events Economic Development Partnership Fund - Policy and Application Form (PDF)

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