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Agricultural Information

Line Fences Information (managed by the Clerk's Office)

Predation Compensation Information (managed by the Clerk's Office)

Agricultural Drains (managed by Engineering)

Kawartha Lakes Tile Drain Loan Program Policy (pdf)
Agricultural Tile Drain Discharge to Roadside Ditches Policy (pdf)

Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea - PED

Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea - PED is a new viral pig disease in Ontario. PED has been found in pigs and pig manure at farms, assembly yards, processing plants, pig trucks and deadstock collectors. The disease can be severe with death loss of up to 100%. It is very important that all pork producers be aware of the disease in the factsheet and the proactive measure available including the Danish Entry System.   The virus does not infect people and is not a food safety concern. The virus only makes pigs sick; other farm animals will not be infected.

Nutrient Management Information

Plant nutrients, which are contained in both manure and chemical fertilizers, are essential to a farm operation. When applied in proper quantities and at appropriate times, the nutrients will aid in achieving optimum crop yields. However, improper use of nutrients can lead to soil-nutrient and feed-ration imbalances and can cause water quality problems both locally and downstream. The objective of nutrient management is to use nutrients (mainly nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) wisely for optimum economic benefit, while minimizing impact on the environment.
Source: Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

The Ontario Nutrient Management Act provides farmers with the guidelines to regulate nutrients on all Ontario farms regardless the size, type of operation or location within the province. Operators of every new and all existing large livestock farm in Ontario are required to have either a nutrient management strategy (NMS), a nutrient management plan (NMP), or both. If your proposed project requires the completion of a nutrient management plan through the Provincial regulations there are provincial Nutrient Management Specialists to assist you. For specific information and requirements follow these links: for building permits contact the Kawartha Lakes Building office or for Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food Nutrient Management Specialist and Nutrient Management information.

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