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Agricultural Funding Opportunities

2016 Livestock Tax Deferral

Kawartha Lakes producers are eligible for the "Livestock Tax Deferral" provision. Essentially this provision allows farmers who sell part of their breeding herd due to drought the ability to defer a portion of the proceeds of the sale to the next tax year. Each year, a list of designated regions prescribed as drought and/or excess moisture and flood regions is announced.

How the provision works:

To defer income, the breeding herd must have been reduced by at least 15%. 30% of income from net sales can be deferred if the breeding herd has been reduced by at least 15%, but less than 30%. Where the herd has been reduced by 30% or more, 90% of income from net sales can be deferred.

Proceeds from deferred sales are included as income in the next tax year, when they may be at least partially offset by the cost of reacquiring breeding animals. In the case of consecutive years of drought or excess moisture and flood designation, producers may defer sales income to the first year in which the area is no longer designated.

For more details on the tax deferral provisions, refer to the Canada Revenue Agency's Tax Guide on Farming Income or contact Agriculture Agri-Food Canada at AAFC.TaxDeferral-Reportdelimpot.AAC@AGR.GC.CA

For more information on how the Provision works click here.

For a list of all eligible regions click here.

Tile Loan Program

The installation of tile drainage is a very common land improvement practice among farmers in Ontario.  The benefits of tile drainage for crop productivity, farm efficiency, and even for reducing environmental impacts, have been studied and are generally well known to farmers.  The Tile Drainage Act provides loans to agricultural property owners to assist them in financing tile drainage projects.  Known as the Tile Loan Program, the program is a partnership between municipalities and the province.  Owners of agricultural land in a municipality who plan to install a tile drainage system on their land, are eligible for a loan through the municipality.  In this way, the municipality supports its agriculture community through participation in the tile loan program.

Tile Loan Program Policy (Word)

Awards: Farm Invention Challenge

Farm & Food Care is launching the Ontario-wide Farm Invention Challenge with $9,000 in cash prizes available for winning entries in the categories of animal care or water efficiency/quality improvements.

Categories Include:

A. Animal Care
Large farm gadgets and gizmos - Whether it`s welding up a new attachment for your skid steer or designing a whole new feeding system, share with us your large scale farm innovations.
Small farm gadgets and gizmos - Have you ever fixed something with a rubber band or used a cotter pin in an unusual way? We want to hear about the simple fixes that have revolutionized animal care on your farm.
Farm hacks - Tell us how you have made simple changes around your barn to save time and headaches on your farm.

B. Water Efficiency & Quality
Water quality and nutrient management - What changes to equipment or practices have led to improved water quality and less nutrient runoff from farm lands? Share your ideas that help Ontario farmers better manage nutrients and minimize off-site impacts on surface and ground water quality.
Water use efficiency - Have you built a custom control system or use a different moisture sensor system to minimize overuse of water? Enter your equipment ideas or conservation practices that are working to improve the use of water around your farm.
Community/other - Tell us about your community organized or farm group projects that have helped to protect and/or improve water resources in your area.

$1,000 first prize in each category
$500 second prize in each category

Click the link for full contest eligibility and application forms.

Growing Forward 2

Growing Forward 2 (GF2) is a five-year federal-provincial-territorial initiative designed to encourage innovation, competitiveness and market development in Canada's agri-food and agri-products sector through cost share funding opportunities.

In Ontario, farm, food and bio-product businesses, collaborations and organizations can build their own plan and select opportunities to help grow their profits, expand their markets and manage risks.

For Ontario producers, funding applications will be facilitated through the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association (OSCIA). GF2 funding assistance is designed to help producers capitalize on opportunities. Whether just starting out, or in business for a long time, GF2 2 offers opportunities to help you reach your business goals.

GF2 offers cost-share funding assistance to Ontario producers and will support innovation as well as education, training, audits, assessments, planning and implementation activities to help improve their business.

» GF2 Information Sessions 

» Learn More About Growing Forward 2
» Apply for Growing Forward 2

Kawartha Lakes Farm Stewardship Fund

Farmland makes up nearly 50% of the Kawartha watershed, and is particularly important in sustaining our rural communities, with agriculture and healthy lakes being the two pillars of our vibrant local economy. Farms can have a significant impact and benefit on watershed health, and how you manage your farm can make a big difference. Soil management and lake management have the same goals - keep the nutrients and soil particles on the land and out of the water. Kawartha Conservation offers technical and financial support in achieving your farmland stewardship goals. Cost-share opportunities are available in both Durham Region and the City of Kawartha Lakes to address potential water quality hazards.

Agricultural landowners within the City of Kawartha Lakes are eligible for funding on projects that address nutrient and soil loss, cropland and shoreline erosion, manure storage runoff, livestock access to watercourses, and more. Projects are assessed for eligibility at a site visit and applications are reviewed and approved by the Review Committee on an as-needed basis. We are happy to work closely with you through the application process. The program is only available until early 2017 or until funding runs out, so contact Kawartha Conservation staff to set up a site visit today. Kawartha Conservation would like to thank our funder, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) for generously supporting this program.


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