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Kawartha Agricultural Action Plan

Agricultural Action Plan Completed

 Following a busy year of consultation within the agriculture and agribusiness sector, the development of the Kawartha Lakes Agricultural Action Plan has been completed.

Presentations to the partnering organizations, the City of Kawartha Lakes Agricultural Development Advisory Board (ADAB) and the Victoria Haliburton Federation of Agriculture (VHFA), were followed by a presentation to City Council and a final public presentation of the full Action Plan during Kawartha Lakes Small Business Week. 

The extensive consultation confirmed that while the agriculture sector is generally well served in the City, there are challenges and opportunities the local community can act upon to strengthen it:


  •  The diverse primary production profile provides significant opportunities to link with other components of agri-business and expand the range of business activities. Farmers and non-farmers could benefit from assistance in identifying and understanding potential linkages.
  •  The business of farming is complex and includes many associated activities. In response, policies need to be flexible and accommodating.
  •  Agri-business operators are generally optimistic about the future and have plans for expansion.
  • Employment needs in the sector are complicated. To respond to the needs of the sector, a variety of labour programs, designed in consultation with the agri-business sector, are needed.
  • There is strong interest in producing bio based products; and increasing linkages to the local food market.
  • Barriers to improving business were identified as complex regulation, lack of marketing, challenges with distribution and lack of economies of scale.
  • Creation of new alliances and co-ordination of existing agencies were identified as opportunities for expanding businesses.
  • The City of Kawartha Lakes is trusted as a facilitator and supporter of agri-business.

Vision for Kawartha Lakes Agriculture:

The agricultural community of farms and agri-businesses in the City of Kawartha Lakes is a dynamic, economic, social and environmental driver. Agriculture is an integral component of the City; one that successfully optimizes resources and people to achieve a community that is innovative, diverse, balanced, sustainable and prosperous, and has the world as its market.

The objectives of the Action Plan to fulfill the vision are to:

  1. Guide the maintenance and growth of agriculture in the City through the development of sustainable land use policies for all areas of economic activity.
  2. Recognize a healthy and productive agricultural industry is an important element to the City's heritage, identity and economic base.
  3. Maintain the agricultural land base and prevent infiltration of conflicting uses that put the agricultural sector at risk.
  4. Promote financial sustainability for future generations to continue farming.
  5. Raise awareness of the quality of the farming and agri-business sector in the City through informed media.
  6. Support a broad definition of agriculture to allow flexibility of production, strong, financially viable farms that adapt to market fluctuations and other value-added factors that may change over time.
  7. Create a focus on educational programs that provide training for agricultural leadership, expertise and innovation.
  8. Promote the provision of skilled jobs and agricultural career opportunities in the industry as opportunities for young people and new agri-business operators to become established.
  9. Identify and explore the development of new markets, crops, agricultural products, value-added processing and value-chain partnerships, locally, regionally and internationally.
  10. Protect the right to farm and conduct agri-business without overly onerous municipal restrictions.
  11. Promote long-term food security for Canadians and the local community.

 Action Plan:

The City of Kawartha Lakes has a strong history of supporting the development of the agricultural sector and will continue to:

  • Assist agriculture sector businesses
  • Build partnerships
  • Develop & implement marketing strategies
  • Develop and promote agriculture education and awareness programs

 New Initiatives - Short-term

  • Simplify the approval process for agricultural business expansion
  • Develop marketing strategies that facilitate access to local and international markets.
  • Identify the gaps within the key features/components of the production-chain infrastructure.
  • Implement Supportive Official Plan Policies
  • Develop a Local Food Policy or Charter
  • Update the 2006 Agricultural Economic Impact Study to reflect 2006 Census statistics

 Long-term Initiatives

  • Implement a strategy to expand agri-business opportunities in Kawartha Lakes.
  • Encourage employment programs and programs to assist new operators.
  • Promote Kawartha Lakes as a destination for agri-tourism and culinary-tourism
  • Provide Strategic Municipal Land Use Planning Support, Direction and Development
  • Secure Financial Support

To be successful, the Action Plan implementation will need strong leadership. The leadership and ownership attitudes established through the preparation of the Agricultural Action Plan need to be continued to ensure the implementation of the plan.

The Kawartha Lakes Economic Development Office will be responsible to ensure that each activity within the Action Plan has a lead organization identified for implementation.

Council of the City of Kawartha Lakes as well as other government (KL CFDC, OMAFRA, AAC) and nongovernment (VHFA, Soil & Crop Stewardship, Kawartha Conservation, Health Unit) organizations will be expected to work co-operatively to ensure that funding and staffing are in place to implement the actions outlined in this plan.

Questions regarding the Action Plan or implementation progress may be directed to

Kelly Maloney
Agriculture Development Officer
(705) 324-9411 ext. 1208


180 Kent St. W, Lindsay, OntarioK9V 2Y6
Phone 705-324-9411
Toll Free 1-866-397-6673

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